Conscious Chemistry®                                                 
                                                        Mastering Your Emotions
                                                                      to Find True Love 
                                                                                   5-part course                                                          

Psychology of Emotions and Using Their Creative Energy

Understand your emotional psychology
(without therapy or healing) and
wisdom from eastern philosophy. Learn how to transform fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger and feelings of rejection into powerful creative energy that opens your heart to love.

Open-Heart Emotional Wisdom Practices

Experience life-changing techniques that you can use in your every day life anywhere to experience more a connected relationship and feel genuinely happier no matter what challenge life brings.

Attract Your True Love with Clarity of Your Intuition

Go from dating with blind chemistry to imrpoving your access to your INTUITION rather than default emotions so you can have Conscious Chemistry with someone who is meant for the true you - a love that lasts!

Emotional Wisdom:
From Fear to Freedom in your Love Life

We all have been conditioned to be guided by our emotions. These default responses in relationships are disguising your true self and leading you by "blind chemistry" to unsatisfying relationships, heartache, jealousy and loneliness.

You may hide how you feel, wondering if you should reach out or pull back in a new relationship. You question yourself, your gut feelings and feel intense rejection and self-criticism for not knowing better. You may blame yourself for why things didn't work out and feel like you cannot escape the cycle and will end up alone forever.

People may tell you that you are "too emotional" because you react compulsively in communication. Or, you may find that you cannot connect with anyone. You have a hard time letting go of the control to share yourself for fear of rejection. You want to reach out but you are scared.

What if you could have the Emotional Wisdom to transform feelings of anxiety, fear and stress into creative energy, increase intuition and find your true love?

What if you TRUSTED your feelings and yourself in relationships that you would choose a great partner and not settle for the old patterns?

Once you discover the TRUE YOU and feel empowered in relationships, you will shift the pattern of blind chemistry and create CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY with the ONE who is mean for the real you..

Do you crave a REAL Emotional Connection?

We are taught early in life how to be in relationships. You unconsciously pick partners who play the roles that match your emotional dynamic. They become the cheater, the unavailable person, the controlling person, the jealous person, the overly sexual person, the distant person and the needy person. You feel anxious and out of control in how you deal with them.

Sometimes they repel you and other times you become obsessed with them, but every time they lead you to heartache and loneliness. You want to break the pattern but feel stuck as to how to escape it.

You have SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE, but are wondering if anyone is going to accept you and want to commit to something lasting.

To find true emotional connection with a partner, you must master your own emotional life. Learn how you are conditioned to respond with the Six Core Emotions and how you hide your them and avoid certain emotions that drive your romantic attraction.

Once you see the pattern and access specific emotional wisdom practices, you can easily create a new powerful connection to an open-hearted partner who fits what you consciously want in a relationship then you can experience CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY.

Conscious Chemistry®
5-part Course
with Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado

Master your emotions by learning to understand them and use them for creative energy to open your heart and find the love of your life. Move from blind chemisty to CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY with the one who is meant for the TRUE YOU!

Module 1
Understand and Working with Emotions

Understand the psychology of emotions that have conditioned you to attract your current relationship patterns so you can find your true love.

Module 2
Letting Go of Fear in Relationships

Recognize your ego's defenses  when you try to step outside of your love patterns and learn to navigate dating and attraction in an empowering, positive way.

Module 3
Transforming Relationships

Learn how to embody and rise to your Higher Self to move beyond the ego's emotional comfort zone to match with a evolved, spiritual partner.

Module 4
Cultivating Love & Commitment

Remain open-hearted in a new relationship to create a lasting, deep bond for a future together with a larger mission with Conscious Chemistry.

BONUS Visualization Set

Four (4) Mp3 Visualizations to help you work with different techniques to shift your emotions and open your heart to the love of your life.

BONUS Live Group Mentoring Call

Join Debi & Dr. Rob LIVE on a group mentoring call to get your personal questions answered and opportunity to get laser coaching on working with your emotions.


Each week you will get a LIVE Training Call with Debi & Dr. Rob with a lecture, visualization and you can submit questions for them to answer live



The more you put into the program, the more you will get out of it. The program is designed to have you move beyond your emotional comfort zone so you can be free to find love.

In between calls, practice the techniques and visualizations provided. Watch how you FEEL different and ALL of your relationships are starting to change in your life.



You will get lifetime access to all of the mp3 lectures, visualization and pdf handouts to come back to anytime for refreshers or just to remind yourself to FEEL GOOD.

Benefits of Conscious Chemistry -
Using the Power of Emotions to Reclaim Your Passion and Find True Love

How would your life be different if relating to others was EASY and CONNECTED? What if you started to meet people who were open to a relationship and you were able to get close to without any fear?
What if you could meet your true love and make it stick because you are emotionally in charge of your life?


Understand your feelings BEYOND personal stories and get to the HEART of your SOUL so you can connect on a deeper level with people and find the ONE.

Find someone who is open and willing to commit to love

No need to settle. You can find someone who you feel powerful Conscious Chemistry with who also wants to commit to a long, lasting relationship.

Let go of superficial masks and step into your POWERFUL SELF

Master the art of working with your emotions in a CREATIVE way so they don't overpower you and intimate you but become a source of energy and passion in your happy life.


Beyond your emotional comfort zone you can find your TRUE LOVE and together you can create a POWERFUL LIFE TOGETHER living your purpose in abundance, love and feeling fulfilled.

Course Plans and Pricing

We offer two pay plans to make it easier for you to access this life-changing content. This program includes a 30-day Money Back Honor System Satisfaction Guarantee* so the risk is all on us!

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  • Pay in Full Discount
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  • to course recordings
  • Special 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Pay in Full - $697


  • If you are not satisfied for any reason with the power of this training within 30 days, simply let us know and you will get your money back.
  • The risk is all on us.
  • That is how confident we are in our programs!

About Your Guides - Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado

Dr. Rob Maldonado and Debi Berndt are the co-founder Creative Mind Media, a personal development company that transforms people’s lives through live trainings and multimedia online courses. They developed a system based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy that helps people discover their true nature through working with their unconscious mind through visualizations, conscious awareness and dreams.

<h3>Dr. Robert Maldonado</h3>Robert Maldonado (Dr. Rob) is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, including the study of dreams, mythology and comparative religion. Robert’s academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology.

<h3>Debi Berndt</h3>Debi (Berndt) Maldonado is the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN: OPEN YOUR HEART & MIND TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL PARTNER. Debi has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Publisher’s Weekly, Complete Woman, Playboy Radio, and more.

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