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You want to move on…but you can’t

There is a part of you that refuses to let go, even when all the logical evidence is pointing to moving in another direction. You keep wondering if things would have been different if you acted differently. You wonder if you could just reach out and see each other again that he or she would change their mind and remember the magic. You get obsessed with old songs that reminded you of this person and the pain becomes a sort of soothing, crazy drug.

The reason you cannot logically let go is because the root of this obsession is not conscious. The pain you feel isn’t about this person at all and the solution to your happiness is not to “get him or her back.”


The solution is to get the real YOU BACK.

Yet, there is a reason why you can’t let go.

But it’s not because you need fixing.

It’s because you need to understand the gift of this heartache and how it can liberate you to bring you to the greatest journey of your life.

The reason he or she left isn’t because something is wrong with you.

What if a higher part of you was holding out for GREAT LOVE and this person needed to leave to let in someone who is meant for the true you?

People leave because there isn’t a fit. Sometimes they leave because you unconsciously outgrow them and other times, you are stuck in a pattern and your wiser self is pushing you to a new experience. Trust that the reason the relationship is over is NOT because you are unlovable, but are actually preparing for a greater love that will last forever.

This probably isn’t the first time you felt abandoned and alone.

We are conditioned to repeat our patterns throughout life, especially relationship patterns. These remain unconscious and feel like fate or destiny, but they are created by you without your awareness.

What if you could SEE the pattern clearly and were able to access your unconscious mind to change it forever?

If you go back to your ex or start a new relationship without discovering the root pattern, you will repeat it again. You can use this breakup to EMPOWER you to change your love life forever.

Again, there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to heal or fix. You are not broken.


Getting over your ex doesn’t require healing or discovering past wounds. By understanding the idea of projection and how we get infatuated with a person has nothing to do with them. You feel as though they are the most important person in the world, but they are simply an idea that has been exaggerated in your mind. Your mind is projecting an ideal potential on them that they haven’t lived into yet. That is why they let you down.

It is time for you to move on and break free of the past so you can create a new, powerful future with your true love.

This is why we created

Join us to...

  • Be FREE of heartache from your last relationship
  • Stand in your AMAZING power and feel more attractive and worthy of a great relationship
  • Open your heart to let a TRUE LOVE into your life that lasts
  • Accept your complete self and stop rejecting the BEST parts of you
  • Reclaim your magnificence and feel happy about yourself and your life
  • Feel in control of your love destiny!

A 4-part pre-recorded series on how to let go of the past and move on to the relationship you were meant to have that reflects your highest potential.


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Changed my life.

"Your Love Detox program came at the perfect time and was the key is changing my life. It helped me understand why I was hurting and gave me the courage to be ready for real love."

-Anonymous, San Francisco, CA.
“Debi and Roberto, thank you for a wonderful course. Together you make a powerful team. Not only did I enjoy the course, but I also learned a lot. I especially love the meditations. So good. I also enjoyed being surrounded by all these wonderful ladies. I also need to go back and listen to the calls. That shadow work. BIG HUG to you all!:)
– A.M. (Edmonton/Canada)
"I want to say thank you to everyone! Dr Roberto and Debi,for this course, very deep, an approach quite different what I did before, I have learnt a lot, I feel much more open,with hope, and I don’t feel the necessity to rush to find a partner,Thank you Debi to help me to discern my core believe and discover what is my goal (actually I have listened to it three times and I always find something)I’m at peace with myself.”
– M.A., (Barcelona/Spain)

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Creative Love Detox Virtual Program

                                                      CLASS 1:   

Anatomy of Heartbreak – Why we love and why we find it hard to let go of someone.

The reason you are having a heartbreak isn’t because of a person, but something much deeper. This class will help you uncover the root of why you attracted this person and why it didn’t work out.

  • Get clear on why you need to finally let go of this person or past heartache
  • Be free of obsessive thinking about getting him or her back and start the process of letting go
  • Understand the idea projection and how it mesmerizes you to idealize person over yourself.
  • Reveal your pattern of attraction and see how open-hearted you really are for true love. VISUALIZATION!  Reclaiming Your Love Energy – how to stop projecting your own divine energy and reclaim it for yourself to feel whole again



From Heart Break to Breakthrough

A breakup is a perfect opportunity to see your Love Shadow. The triggers that occur during this time are very deep and profound which carry an equal weight of love and passion that is dormant inside of you.

  • Identify your lifelong shadow projections in relationships so can make conscious choices and stop reacting from emotions.
  • Access your pure, true self beyond the ego of attachment and fear so you can stand strong
  • Recover lost gold inside of your unconscious that is found by facing your Love Shadow and be filled with power and energy to propel you forward in life. VISUALIZATION – LETTING GO OF THE WEIGHT OF HEARTACHE – get in touch with the weight of the feelings that are causing you to feel hurt and regain control of your emotional life so you can be happy again.



Preparing Yourself for True Love that Lasts


Unless you are clear on why you really want love, you cannot move on to a healthy relationship. No person can take away your pain or make you feel happy. This class is about stepping into your true essence so you can attract a new, healthy relationship without making them your savior.

  • Understand the truth of who you are beyond your surface ego/persona
  • Get clear on WHY you want love so you can come from a place of empowerment v. need
  • Fall in love with you so you can easily attract the person who is meant to love you forever. VISUALIZATION – DIVINE LOVE PURPOSE - Design a new love future from a higher perspective, connecting your human desire for a partner to a divine desire and higher purpose.



Q&A Call-Pre-recorded with Debi and Dr. Robert